Manhattan Beach

Sunday, April 12, 2015
10 am - 6 pm

Room 219/223

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10:30 am
10-Day Transformation w/Purium
Alina Estrada
Everybody eats…every day. Over time what you put in your body will determine how you look, feel and perform. The Purium 10-day transformation to purity and potency goes far beyond what has EVER been offered in health-food stores, grocery stores or online.
11:00 am
Tarot:Gateway to the Sacred Mysteries
Debra Hall Ph.D (Shekina Devi)
For centuries the Tarot Cards have been used as an Oracle to know what is happening in ones life. However that is not the only usage, the Major Arcana is also a roadmap for spiritual development. Join us as we look at how the archatypes of the Major Arcana play
12:00 pm
Princess Diana & John Lennon Channel for Peace!
Marcia McMahon
Princess Diana channels wisdom from the heavenly realms to create world peace, unity, love. Marcia channels John Lennon & George Harrison & their amazing messages & lyrics. Internationally recognized- Marcia also channels Archangel Michael in her reiki & readings! Remember Peace, Remember Love!
01:00 pm
Connecting to Your Spirit Guides & Loved Ones
Debra Hookey
Join me in this truly healing experience from the spirit side of life! Have you ever wondered why certain things have happened to you in your life? Let me show you how your Spirit Guides can help you ! Debra will demonstrate by giving messages from spirit, how her guides have helped her.
01:30 pm
Learn Psychic Energy Tools to Read the Aura & Heal Yourself
Kathryn Schiff
In this amazing lecture, Kathryn will help you to bring out the natural psychic ability hidden within you. Learn to “read,” develop your intuition and clairvoyance to work for you. Kathryn teaches the 6-month Clairvoyant Program, Psychic Tools & Women's Intuition classes in person and over-the-phone.
02:00 pm
Chakra Awareness
Shelley Hofberg
In this chakra awareness presentation, Shelly will explore how to use crystals to read your chakras and receive a rich resource of psychic and healing information. You will also experience a guided chakra meditation to read your own inner body wisdom.
02:30 pm
Messages from Orion
Athena Zeub
Athena is the author of “The Theologians of Orion which chronicles the compelling story of her mother’s alien abduction and continuing present day contact with people from Orion, the ones we call “The Watchers”. She will detail past and explain the meaning these messages may hold for the human race.
03:00 pm
Dreams and Dreaming, How to Understand Yours.
Vicki Wells
Delve into the fascinating world of Dreams and join psychic Vicki Wells for this informative and practical talk on Dreaming. Learn valuable tools such as how to remember your dreams, how to distinguish random signs and symbols from precognitive dreams and messages from the spirit world.
03:30 pm
What Your Aura Color Means
Rev. Linda Renkowski
Learn more about your Aura color and hidden personality traits. We will explore the history and work of Dr. Kirlian. We will also explain how the use of modern technology has changed our ability to explore the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds all living things so you see it live in action.
04:00 pm
Soul Psychology
Janet Richmond
Did you know that the obstacles in your life are your soul's way of talking to you? It can't phone, so it gets your attention by manifesting problems. When we are upset, hurt, or lonely we are motivated to find a way to heal. Learn about Soul Scrambles™, how they affect our lives and how to heal them.
04:30 pm
Heaven on Earth: Messages from Beyond
Thomas John
In this group seminar, Thomas John will deliver messages from loved ones in Heaven. Thomas John will also talk about his life as a medium, and talk about his book "Never Argue with a Dead Person: True & Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side".
05:00 pm
Heaven on Earth: Messages from Beyond - continued
Thomas John
A global psychic sensation who has wowed audiences across the world with his impressively accurate messages from 'the other side', Thomas John is one of the world's most coveted psychic mediums, hosting sold-out events such as A Night with Spirit & Dinner with the Dead.
05:30 pm
Turning Up Your Energetic Capacities
Sophie Mihalko
Sophie Mihalko, Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness® will give you the energetic tools to increase your capacities in all areas of your life. Access Consciousness® empowers people to know that they know®

Room 211/215

All presentations are FREE.
10:00 am
Long Distance Healing by John of God with your Photograph
Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon
Are you in search of more finances, better relationships, finding your soulmate, a new job or physical healing? Consider sending your photograph to John of God with three requests for remote healing. I have seen miracles happen this way. My work with John of God in this way changes lives.
10:30 am
The 5 Secret Keys to Tap into a Happier Life
Roya Daizadeh
Are you happy? Do you feel fullfilled? Learn the 5 Secret Steps that will bring happiness, joy and fullfillment in your life no matter what part of the journey you are on. Join Roya as she reveals the 5 Steps by sharing her story from self-hatred towards embracing happiness.
11:00 am
Energy Healing / Reiki
Carlos Caridad
11:30 am
Life Shift Session
Rev. Goddess Gloria
author of "Life Shifting Session", guides others towards their higher self. She communicates with our Great Creator, channels healing energy, removes blocks, translates messages from angels and loved ones in spirit. She is passionate about teaching others how to do the same.
12:00 pm
Utilizing Gemstones for Health, Wealth and Love
Dr. Eve Allen
Join Holistic Health Practitioner, Author & Lecturer Dr. Eve Allen for a deeper investigative journey into the world of gemstones. Learn how they exert their energies and support you in health, wealth and love. Discover the stones that are most effective and learn how to utilize them successfully!
12:30 pm
A Great Spiritual Event is Now Unfolding in the World!
Jacqueline Cochrane
At the beginning of each New Age a great Spiritual Teacher appears to help and guide all of humanity. We are now in that time! Behind human events and what is reported every day by major media, A GREAT SPIRITUAL EVENT IS UNFOLDING.
01:30 pm
The Art of Ki Healing and Replenishing Our Vital Energy
Master Seo, Master Kim
Feeling tired or have low energy? Learn how to improve the flow of your vital energy from the Ki Masters. The Masters will lead you through physical movements which stimulate energy flow. They will also provide a free sample Ki treatment during the presentation.
02:00 pm
Living Tools Workshop
George Zeigler
The audience will receive many living tools that will help them break through to the next level and enhance their quality of life right here and now. Included are tools for Communication in Relationships, and high level Goal Achievement Technology.
02:30 pm
Unleash Manifestation Genius: Shift your Energy, Shift your Life
Jennifer Powdermaker, HIgh Vibe Studio
Do you know you're a manifestation genius? In this illuminating workshop I'll demonstrate the science behind ancient spiritual principles that impact your life, introduce you to your internal power source which drives all experiences, & teach you simple effective techniques to create your dream life!
03:00 pm
Understanding Karma & the Law of Attraction
Jennifer Powdermaker - HIgh Vibe Studi
Jennifer Powdermaker is the founder of Indigo Vision Coaching Solutions ™, a master teacher, coach & author. Over the course of her career Jennifer has coached & addressed thousands of people in the U.S., Canada & Europe. She is a certified practitioner of many healing modalities & coaching methods.
03:30 pm
Mindful Lovin'
Roya Daizadeh
When you are in love everything seems brighter, youthful, engaging, and curious. But can you rely on others to feel this ‘glow’ all the time? Self-love is the foundation for anyone to succeed on their journey in life. Hear Roya disclose her story and her secrets towards falling in love with herself.
04:00 pm
Hemp, Music, and the Back to the Land Movement
Emrys Hanley
Why is folk singer/songwriter Emrys Hanley so excited about giving you FREE samples of Hemp products? Learn about the benefits of Hemp and the USA's first publicly traded Hemp company! What does Hemp Inc.'s CEO Bruce Perlowin have to do with the back to the land movement? Let's talk hemp!
04:30 pm
3 Keys to a Healthy and Happy Relationship with Your Body
Lemuela Christina
Learn how the mind, body, & spirit connection impacts your health & your weight, & what it truly means to communicate with your body. When you do, natural weight loss can occur, without you even trying. Lemuela is the Amazon bestselling author of Your Body Relationship: Overcoming Weight Obsession.
05:00 pm
Life after Death - What you Absolutely Need to Know about It
Wanda Pratnicka
How is your PRESENT life influencing your life after the death of the physical body? Why is it important for both to know about it - the departing soul and the remaining ones? What is happening to the soul who does not resolve to pass to the Light? Why is such a soul a great problem for living people?
05:30 pm
Lesson for Living & Loving beyond the Dance Floor
Ilona Glinarsky
In this creative, interactive workshop we will explore the Art of Connection and Authentic non-verbal Communication through the lens of Argentine Tango. This fun dance is a metaphor for life and a conscious relationship we all desire. No partner or dance experience is required. Time: 5:30pm.
6:00 pm
How to Make More Money: End Repeating Money Patterns
Arnoux Goran

• You know how you try so hard to create abundance in your life but keep getting stuck in the same patterns?

• What if there were a way to PERMANENTLY erase the blockages between you and your divine right to money?

• During this course we will teach you how to find your money blockages... and tell you about the ways to remove them.

• Isn’t it time you had the money you deserve? No more struggling. Life doesn’t have to be hard. It’s time for you to embrace your divine right to abundance, wealth and generosity. You deserve it.

Testimonials from former course participants:

“I was able to manifest the exact job I wanted using Arnoux’s techniques and tools to remove money blockages.” -William Georges, Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Success Coaching

"I was able to publish 2 books, my first two, after over 20 years of being blocked thanks to Arnoux’s training.” -Jennifer Powdermaker, Author and Speaker.

“I was out of work and now have more than full time work. I have three jobs and they love me. It felt really good to have all of my bills paid before the month was over.” -Bradford Powell, Director, Film Producer

This workshop is normally $45 but is free today courtesy of The New Earth Expo. Please thank Dean Price, the event producer.
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