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Sunday, June 14, 2015
10 am - 6 pm

Hemp Zone

Film: Hempsters - Plant the Seed
Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ralph Nader, Julia Butterf
Featured in the film is award-winning actor & well-known hemp & environmental activist Woody Harrelson, who challenged Kentucky state law when he planted four feral hemp seeds in 1996. His subsequent trial & acquittal brought the hemp issue to the forefront of mainstream media more than a decade ago, but the fight continues on. A fast-paced ride with a sizzling soundtrack, Hempsters puts hemp at the heart of just about every grassroots issue in America today.
Hassle-Free Medical Marijuana Delivery in San Diego, California
Amanda Brown
The experts at Gropher Express offer a wide selection of medical marijuana, including hybrid strains, which are a blend of Indica and Sativa. From Bubba Kush to Grape Ape, our company provides a variety of strains, and we’re sure to have something that will suit your preference.

Hemp, Inc. Sponsors Hemp Zone at New Earth Events
Bruce Perlowin, CEO
Hemp, Inc. showcases its hemp-based cosmeceutical line & hemp nutraceutical products at upcoming New Earth Events throughout California. The Expos provide the perfect venue for “Cultural Creatives” to assemble & “enjoy, learn, co-create successful ventures, cooperate in facilitating commerce, & empower each other toward a higher consciousness in solving the planet’s most important social, environmental & human rights issues, commented Bruce Perlowin, CEO, . . .

Wealth - Gems, Jewelry, Fashion & Beauty

Healing Crystals blessed by John of God, Sacred Geometry, Mini-Healings
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee shares her artistic talents by bringing in her line of Sacred Geometry patches, bags, and lavender sachets. Sacred Healing Crystals from John of God in Brazil will also be available to enjoy and perhaps call you to take one of them home with you. More surprises coming! Mini Healing/Readings also available.
Natural Healing Stones and Handmade Jewelry
Juan Martinez and Sarah Smith
We sell natural stone jewelry, crystals, and organite. All of our products have natural healing qualities. Come and check out our table. Any questions contact us at
Reiki Orgone
David Bobrowich
Unique Products for Healing your Mind, Body, and Spirit and Raising your Vibration. Each crystal or plant emits a certain frequency. These frequencies alter the human mindset and manifestation abilities. Our goal is to enlighten as many souls as possible and to raise the planet's vibration! Come with us on our journey to save the world!
Circle Of Health
Dr. Eve Allen
Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Lecturer & Author of Gemstones & the Power of Healing, Dr. Eve has worked with thousands of people on a plethora of maladies successfully. She says "Natural Medicine is my passion!" Her warm & compassionate spirit always knows that the body has intelligence to heal itself naturally. Dr. Eve utilizes many healing modalities: including nutrition, herbals, homeopathy, hypnosis, gemstones, sound & color.

Fame, Reputation - Attracting Success

Building Financial Security and Leaving a Legacy
David Womack
As a Akashic Record reader, reiki practictioner, and ACIM facilitator, David also understands the importance of taking care of practical earthly affairs. David offers products that will help you secure a financially sound journey during your earth journey, and after your transition, will leave a legacy for your love ones.

Love - Bodywork, Energywork

John of God Crystal Light Bed Therapy
Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon
The crystal bed uses Brazilian clear-cut quartz crystals to generate color & light therapy to cleanse, clear & raise the vibration of your chakras. The John of God Spirit Doctors promise to help anyone who lays under these crystal lights. Healing benefits: calms & re-balances the nervous system; cleanses the physical & spiritual body of negative energies attached to your energy field, & much more.
Sacred Flower Healing Space
Iya Oyaseeke Adeloni
Sacred Flower Healing Space offers 20 min. Mini touch Reiki energy sessions, white tribal ritual clothing and sacred flower card readings.
Natural Resonance Center - Sound Lounge
Kim Warner - Certified Sound Healer
Experience the Sound Lounge. Four speakers embedded into a super comfy memory foam bed send healing low frequency vibrations which- • Penetrate every cell of your body, creating a relaxation response. • Send energy through each part of the body, energizing every cell leaving you invigorated. • Overcome chaotic frequencies that attack our bodies daily. • Drive energy from cell to cell, clearing blockages and stimulating neural pathways.
Elivelife Directory of Well-Being Service Providers
Vanessa Huff
Committed to Supporting You in Having an Extraordinary Life & to Improving your Well Being through our Directory of Chiropractors, Holistic Health Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Salons, Spas, Resorts, Medical Spas, Cosmetic Dentists, Plastic Surgeons, Restaurants & Golf Courses.

Holistic Health - Vitality, Strength

Sungevity - Efficient, High-Quality Solar Panel Technology
Gina Mateo
With our proprietary Remote Solar Design technology, we use high resolution imagery and your electricity history to tell you if solar panels are right for your home. We provide a customized, accurate iQuote™ with as many as three home solar options. This all happens online and over the phone, on your timeline, not ours. We’re available seven days a week.
Providing Superior Health and Balance Through Chiropractic
Dr Debbie Goldring
Non-Force Chiropractic techniques, cutting edge care for better spinal health. Myovision to Evaluate your Nervous System & Correct Spinal Dysfunction. Goldring Chiropractic offers an extensive range of preventative & restorative chiropractic procedures for patients of all ages in San Diego. Dr. Goldring & her highly skilled staff members work together to ensure every one of their patients have access to the most innovative procedures in the chiropractic field.
Yuen Method Full Spectrum Living
Rev. Marcella Jones
The Yuen Method technique blends anatomy, physiology, and quantum physics assisted by intuitively scanning one's field of energy to produce radical, instantaneous, and healthy changes in an individual.
Promoting Omni Wellness
Sarita San Diego
Sarita San Diego Promoting Omni Wellness encompasses the entities of yoga, holistic healing, aromatherapy while sharing the importance of loving yourself, taking care of yourself and loved ones through the use and application of essential oils along with living a life of compassion, eating a kind diet, daily yoga and meditation all the while reading to obtain a life of balance and spiritual satisfaction.
Certified Iridologist / Master Herbalist
Scott Hornsby
Iridology Analysis to show genetic strengths, genetic weaknesses & nutritional deficiencies, Muscle-testing or Kinesiology, the study of muscles, a non-invasive tool used to figure out if your dietary needs are being met, & an herbal program perfect for your Blood Type & genetic makeup.
HUmineral - Every Mineral The Body Requires - Plant based Organic
from the EARTH + for all LIFE
HUmineral HUmic/Fulvic Mineral - rich in poly phenols and electrolytes. A broad spectrum anti-viral for child to elderly. 79+ Organic Major/Trace plant-based minerals. Antioxidants, Electrolytes, Aids Alkalinity, Aids Healthy Joint, Aids Healthy Thyroid, Energy, Stamina, Focus. A Dietary Mineral Supplement. Vegan, Raw, Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Nut, Wheat & GMO Free.
Chiropractic Care and Energy Medicine
Alan M. Blum, D.C.
Access the body’s bio-computer to diagnose, restore & maintain physical, mental & emotional health. Even serious conditions have benefited from this approach. You will have an opportunity to be personally checked out & treated to reduce structural pain, improve the organic functioning of the body and/or improve your emotional well being. Receive a certificate good for a first visit at a reduced rate.
Quantum Science EMF Protection
Quantum Science Scalar Energy Products
Quantum Science Scalar Energy Products that Combat 'EMF' emitting from Cellphones, Laptops & All personal devices. They are Natural Grounding Products made of & infused with 76 Minerals that resonate Scalar Energy. Our Quantum Products NEVER lose its energy! We guarantee it!
Native American Healer
Renowned Medicine Woman who since the age of 4 has been trained in Native American medicines by her grandmother and many other medicine people. I have dedicated my life to help heal and balance your paths in life. My training has taught me how to remove any dis-ease in the body through healings of the inner waters so you do not carry any disease in the future. I have been known to distract diseases such as cancer, drugs, suicidal thoughts and more.
Focus Healing Arts & Hypnotherapy
Joe Paulson
We at Focus Healing Arts are committed in assisting you to make the changes in your life that will lead you to your Truth. Stop by for a 10-minute, $10 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session.
Nava Natural Skin Care & Detoxification Consultant
Nava Feller
A professional line of products made with love and care for your well being including healing ingredients from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is located in one of the most powerful places on our planet. Nava Natural is a healthy lifestyle company focusing on nourishing the body and soul from the inside out for optimum health and beauty. It's for lifetime.. It is timeless..

Creativity - Visionary Art & Music

Musician, Healer, Poet & Astrologer
Astarius Miraculii
Didgeridoo Healing, CDs. Astarius has been Dedicated to Spiritual Work for more than Thirty Years. He is a Musician, Healer, Poet & Astrologer. His Music is Created with the Intention to Heal & Uplift. His Approach to Astrology helps the Client gain Insight & Awaken Personal Power.
Aura Photography
Irene Keller
Throughout history, Auras could be seen only by a gifted few. Through modern technology, everyone has the ability to see Auras! We want you to see your own Aura to help you gain deeper personal insight into emotional & mental states, as well as gain spiritual awareness.
Crystal Vibrations Music
Elivia Melodey
Align with Angels through the Singing Crystal Bowls. Elivia is an Inspired Recording Artist with four critically acclaimed CDs, & a Spiritual Medium with the ability to tune in to many worlds & frequencies – past lives, loved ones who have crossed over, & galactics. She has the largest selection of crystals, gemstones and frosted singing crystal bowls for sale in San Diego County and regularly stocks those unique and hard to find crystal beings!

Wisdom - Spiritual Counselors

Psychic Medium - Life Changing Readings
Debra Hookey
Debra Hookey is a Nationally Known Professional Psychic Medium, Radio Show Personality, and Spiritual Teacher who has become a highly respected psychic medium known for her amazing abilities, to communicate with loved ones from the other side. Debra works with her team of powerful guides to convey messages to clarify issues in your life. Debra has given thousands of readings over the past twenty years.
Clairvoyant Medium, Speaker, and Author
Dr. Christian von Lahr Msc.D
Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker in 25 Countries, Internationally renown Clairvoyant Medium and Clairvoyant Medical Intuitive, Metaphysical Healer, Pet Psychic Communicator, in demand Expert Guest on National Television and Radio and star of the television series "Messenger."
Intuitive / Spiritual Guide, Clairvoyant, Coach
Naz Koda
Naz helps you uncover your spiritual secret, to Harmonize with your intuitive guidance, & connect with Divine Oneness; Removal of heavy energy, toxic thoughts & entities; Energy cleansing, smoothing, & filling of your physical & etheric, or light bodies; Create a ceremony together for a specific intention or transition; Consulting - Shifting a behavior, or any spiritual or life concerns.
Unleash your Manifestation Genius - Shift your Energy, Shift your Life
Jennifer Powdermaker - HIgh Vibe Studio
You are a manifestation genius but you may not know it or you may still have questions about how to harness your potential to create the life of your dreams. It’s my pleasure to shed some light on the practical tools & practices that can launch you on your dream path today!
Darshini In Spirit (Clair-Cognitive) Medium, Psychic + Much More...
Darshini In Spirit
Darshini In Spirit is an Internationally Renowned Clair-cognitive (which is a: Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clair-sentient, Clair-audio + ALL sensors too, Channel & Intuitive Healer) Guest on T.V. & International Radio shows, Author, Futurist, Visionary, Empowerment/Motivational Speaker, Teacher (98+ uniquely empowering workshops), a Global Consultant to individuals and corporations. WEBSITE:!currentevents/c1et4
Divination by Bones, Shells and Curios
Michele Jackson
Our ancestors and spirit guides are always present, waiting to assist us in meeting life's challenges. This ancestor and spirit-based form of divination can assist us in gaining insight and clarity around the issues that concern us, so that we can live the best life possible.
Ida Greene, PhD
Dr. Ida is Clairvoyant, Psychic and a Prophet. She Channels Divine Messages from God; the Angels and is a Healer. She helps you Release Emotional Trauma and painful Memories. She help her clients grow their Self-love, own and take back their power, to master their Power and Greatness. She helps you take control of your life in a powerful way that honors your divine self.
Ascended Master Tarot Card Readings
Lynn Hill
Lynn is a natural born Intuitive Empath. Both of her parents were Metaphysical Ministers and she was doing readings by the time she was nine years old. She uses the Ascended Masters Tarot cards, Angel cards, and Oracle cards to assist her in her work, but her natural intuition is her greatest asset. She's also a Reiki Practitioner, and holds a Minister of Spiritual and Divine Healing Certification.
Clairvoyant Energy Reader & Spiritual Medium
Betty Sanabria
Life Transformation: Keep your "light" bright . . then share it with others . . freely . . give the Ego a day off. And watch Magic happen! As a teenager I would say to my mother, "mom, someday I am going to help out millions of people". My truth is that we are all able to do the same, touching the life of another is one of the best things one can do in a life time.
Psychiatrist-Turned-Psychic Soul Healer....Intuitive Counselor & Reader
Eve SpiritSpeaks, MD
Dr. Eve earned her Medical Doctorate at UCLA School of Medicine. A psychiatrist and family practitioner, she has since expanded her wisdom beyond the traditional realm. Dr. Eve aims to enlighten, instill hope, and empower you to more deeply connect to your source of energy and love so that you can better navigate through life obstacles. Dr. Eve is certified in Chakra Energy Healing; Doreen Virtue Angel Card and Akashic Record readings. FB Page: Eve SpiritSpeaks
Energy Medicine Practitioner & Channel for Archangels & Ascended Masters
Jennifer Montero
Jennifer is a natural born psychic medium, with natural healing abilities. She has the ability to channel Ascended Masters wisdom, as well as Archangels & other high vibrational beings. Having met & been guided by Amma "The Hugging Saint" 10 yrs. ago, she has the unique ability to channel the Saint's energy. She is also an initiate of the Kriya Yoga path, where shortly after her introduction to the practice, she became initiated by Maha Avatar Babaji.
Spiritual Practitioner/Guide
Ruth Iams
I use Card Reading as a guide and teaching tool to help you manifest your dreams and desires. During a Reading with me you will be gently led to think about and discuss your challenge. The cards that are drawn are messages and ideas that you are to practice and lead you to experience your heartfelt desires. Among the card decks I use are Soul Coaching, Angels and Ask your Guides
Indian Vedic Palm Readings & Numerology
Lali Kakar
Lali is a medium, speaker, & workshop leader. He has read for many famous personalities such as Dr. John Gray, Martin Luther King Jr. III , Marianne Williamson, Loretta Swit, Marci Shimoff, Michael Ondattje, & others. He combines the Vedic sciences of palm reading & numerology with his extraordinary psychic gifts.

Career - Life Path & Purpose

Advanced Past Life Regression
G. Haven Young
Free yourself from Emotional Pain caused by traumatic life experiences. Go in between your past lives to discover new insights into living a more fulfilling life. An Advanced Past Life Regression session is designed to help individuals to go deeper into their subconscious mind, and into their past lives. This helps individuals to discover any hidden talents, messages intended for them from previous lives that their souls have led.
Share International
Olivia Allen
Get to Know Your World Teacher, Maitreya- Every 2000 years we are sent a teacher to help humanity with the next great expansion of consciousness. Come and hear about some simple solutions to our most vexing problems, and take heart at the tremendous help that Maitreya, The Masters of Wisdom, and our Space Brothers are here to offer us, ours for the asking.

Travel - Gifts from around the World

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