LA (Lake Balboa)
Sunday, May 22, 2016
10 am - 6 pm

Concord I

All presentations are FREE,
except for Brad and Kasey's workshop
10:00 am
Discover Your Life Mission
Terry Brussel
Consult with spirit guides & your own Higher Self. Find out why you are here: To learn? To teach? To heal? Perhaps you are here to find a soul mate you knew in the past or to create the joy of a new soul mate connection in this life. Manifest your goals and your JOY into reality!
10:30 am
Long Distance Healing by John of God with your Photograph
Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon
Are you in search of more finances, better relationships, finding your soulmate, a new job or physical healing? Consider sending your photograph to John of God with three requests for remote healing. I have seen miracles happen this way. My work with John of God in this way changes lives.
11:00 am
Utilizing Gemstones for Health, Wealth and Love
Dr. Eve Allen
Join Holistic Health Practitioner, Author & Lecturer Dr. Eve Allen for a deeper investigative journey into the world of gemstones. Learn how they exert their energies and support you in health, wealth and love. Discover the stones that are most effective and learn how to utilize them successfully!
11:30 am
Using Past Life Regression to Realize your True Potential
G. Haven Young
Advanced Past Life Regression is designed to help individuals to go deeper into their subconscious mind, and into their past lives. This helps individuals to discover any hidden talents, messages intended for them from previous lives that their souls have led.
12:00 pm
Journey to the Akashic Records with Bill Foss
Bill Foss
An overview on the life and work of Bill Foss from the new book "Journey to the Akashic Records" Understand the differences & similarities of Akashic work in reference to modern modalities and the interactive energy that connects us all into our Book of Life within the Records and the benefits.
12:30 pm
Psychic Fun and Games Audience Readings
Susan Schueler and Terrie Huberman
Join gifted certified psychic mediums, Susan Schueler & Terrie Huberman for audience readings & psychic fun. These outgoing gals will be playing psychic games, doing blind readings, demonstrating psychometry (reading from an object or a photo), & reading the audience. Bring personal questions to ask.
01:00 pm
Psychic Fun and Games Audience Readings - continued
Susan Schueler and Terrie Huberman
Terrie & Susan are certified psychic mediums with Lisa Williams. Susan is also a member of Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory, as well as Shay Parker's Best American Psychics & The Certified Psychic Directory. These ladies have comedy & teaching backgrounds, so come prepared to laugh & be entertained.
01:30 pm
Who Were You? Past Life Messages with your Angels & Loved One
Vicki Murphy, BFA
Past Life messages - Explore what you are doing here and why! Loved Ones; what roles did they play in your Soul Plan? Unlock Akashic origins & release energy. Vicki will share a short meditation that she uses. Love, finance, career & health. Connect with your Spirit Guides and move forward!
02:00 pm
Introduction to Julius, How Powerful are Your Thoughts?
Kasey & Brad Wallis channel JULIUS
Can you REALLY change something in your life? Are you tired of others telling you you need to just accept your circumstances? What if we told you it is possible and only YOU can make those changes not anyone else. . . would you be willing to do that? Join us for this FREE presentation.
02:30 pm
Connecting to Your Spirit Guides & Loved Ones
Debra Hookey
Join me in this truly healing experience from the spirit side of life! Have you ever wondered why certain things have happened to you in your life? Let me show you how your Spirit Guides can help you ! Debra will demonstrate by giving messages from spirit, how her guides have helped her.
3:00 pm
Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit with Medium Hollister Rand
author of "I’m Not Dead, I’m Different"

* Can relationships continue beyond death?
* Do loved ones see what's going on in my life?
* Can they help with challenges facing me now?

Get answers to these questions from the spirits themselves! Hear how those you love may be reaching out to you. A number of audience members will receive messages from loved ones living in the spirit world. There will be time to ask general questions about Mediumship & what life is like on the other side.

This group event is reading-intensive. There will be time afterwards for some meet-and-greets & book-signings.

Hollister is an author & internationally renowned medium. Known for her extraordinarily detailed work, she provides specific messages from loved ones living in the spirit world.
4:00 pm
Campaign against FEAR- Create the Changes in your Life
JULIUS as channeled by Kasey and Brad Wallis

Join Kasey, Brad and "JULIUS" for this incredible interactive course on eliminating FEAR in your life.
Are you experiencing any forms of limitation in your current life? Health, wealth, relationships, abundance....we can show you where this energy comes from and how to eliminate it.

FEAR is the energy of all limitation and we as humans are saturated with this energy every day. No wonder we find things so challenging when we are trying manifest and flow.

Julius will provide applications, focuses, intentions for you to use every day to make Loving changes in your life.

Can you finally have all that you desire? We can show you how by getting to the true ROOT of all limitation.

Climb out of your resistance into the loving flow of all you desire.

There will be a 1 1/2 hour discussion followed by a 30 min. Q and A for the audience. Come participate and bring your questions about fear in your life.

Be profoundly changed by this experience.

Private readings with Julius are available by appointment only.
Please visit the website to get information and schedule your appointment.

2 hour Class
$45.00 early paid admission
$55.00 at the door
$55 at the door
$45 before May 21

Questions? 831-239-6835


All presentations are FREE.
10:00 am
Personal Growth Responsibility Means more ‘Response Ability"
Ron Holman, PhD, aka "SwahaRon&am
What Ever your Personal Practice of Prayer & Meditation is Siddha Alchemy can amplify and deepen your connection to Spirit! Those that get a ‘YES’ in their Hearts will have the opportunity to sample Navapashanam, Sapphire Basmam, Pearl Basmam, RED Capsules of Herbs from the Siddha Loka and Ormus!
10:30 am
Personalized Wellness
Carmen and Harold
Simple, easy steps to improve your life and home from the inside out. What are zappers and how do they work? Natural healing. Raise your vibration with energy healing sessions. Permanenly reconnect to the higher frequencies. What can you do to raise the frequency of your environment?
11:00 am
Being Psychic: Learning How to Access Your Own Gifts
Kelly Dahlstrom
We all have access to working with information that exceeds our 5 senses. Many of us have had experiences where we have received random information that turned out the be valid or helpful in particular circumstance. Now it's time to go deeper and explore how you can start to access this help everyday.
11:30 am
Mantra Meditation for Compassion and Consciousness Elevation
Syamarani dasi
Syamarani dasi has been practicing bhakti-yoga for 50 years. She is an elevated saint in the Vaisnava lineage and prolific spiritual artist. Come hear her speak about mantra Meditation for compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice and consciousness elevation.
12:00 pm
Tarot:Gateway to the Sacred Mysteries
Debra Hall Ph.D (Shekina Devi)
For centuries the Tarot Cards have been used as an Oracle to know what is happening in ones life. However that is not the only usage, the Major Arcana is also a roadmap for spiritual development. Join us as we look at how the archatypes of the Major Arcana play
12:30 pm
Orgone Energy For a Clean Sky & a Clear Mind
Sharon Daphna
Orgone energy is the key to cleaning chemtrail pollution from the sky and neutralizing electromagnetic fields from wireless devices. This remarkable free energy transforms your mind, body and environment, and Sharon explains how to apply this knowledge to improve your home, community, and planet.
01:00 pm
Improving your Health, Extending your Lifespan & Beyond
Dr. Robert J. Newton/ Eloina Nash
Based on four of Dr. Newton's books, including "The Immortality Prophesy," "In Search of the Body Immortal," "A Map to Healing & Your Essential Divinity Through Theta Consciousness," & "Pathways to God." Dr. Newton will discuss epigenetics (how to change your DNA), living with little food.
01:30 pm
The Art of Ki Healing and Replenishing Our Vital Energy
Master Seo, Master Kim
Feeling tired or have low energy? Learn how to improve the flow of your vital energy from the Ki Masters. The Masters will lead you through physical movements which stimulate energy flow. They will also provide a free sample Ki treatment during the presentation.
02:00 pm
Ancient Egyptian Secrets to Unleash your Inner Beauty
Joel Gold
Moringa, known as "The Miracle Tree of Life", was known to the ancient Egyptians as a superfood with medicinal & anti-aging benefits. This tree holds the emotions, spirit & special energies transforming cosmic sunlight, completing the process for attaining beauty, youthfulness, & increased libido.
02:30 pm
Learn to Access your Consciousness
Sophie Mihalko
Consciousness is in everything, including you. What if accessing that consciousness was as easy as breathing? Sophie Mihalko, Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness® will give you simple and easy tools to access your consciousness now, and create the life you desire with ease, joy and glory!
03:00 pm
A Great Spiritual Event is Now Unfolding in the World!
Jacqueline Cochrane
At the beginning of each New Age a great Spiritual Teacher appears to help and guide all of humanity. We are now in that time! Behind human events and what is reported every day by major media, A GREAT SPIRITUAL EVENT IS UNFOLDING.
04:00 pm
Flipping The Wellness Switch
Robin Hoffman-Haack
Learn about Calibr8, a breakthrough nutritional drink mix that unlocks your body’s primary antioxidant production at the genetic level.* Inspired by clinical research & recent advances in Nutrigenomics & Epigenetics, it activates the most potent antioxidant & detoxification enzymes known to science.
04:30 pm
Celestial Vocal Alchemy for Healing and Transfiguration
Vox Angelus
Vox Angelus is a Vocal Alchemist and Angel Ambassador who demonstrates a profound connection to the divine! With an impressive vocal range, she sings, speaks and signs the encoded 'Language of the Elohim', carrying vibrational frequency, light, and information from God for healing and transfiguration.
5:00 pm
NEW THERAPY Neutralize PTSD Memories in Seconds!
Gary Sinclair - Celebrate Life

International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Medical Peer Review showed 2,200 people with 100% success at neutralizing PTSD memories. Faster and more efficient than Tapping, EFT, EMDR, NLP, CBT FTT and many others. Gary has worked with nearly 4,000. You can learn to do it yourself and become Certified to teach others. Plans in progress for Public Television Station.

Awareness in Consciousness will also be demonstrated to neutralize pain energetically locked in your body for decades in seconds. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia can heal quickly.

DO NOT MISS his next scheduled Restoration and Soul Link training class in this area. After that he is on East Coast. New book Healing Memories in Seconds available.
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