Sunday, June 12, 2016
10 am - 6 pm

Magnolia Room

All presentations are FREE,
exept for Jane Sibbett's Workshop
10:00 am
Experience Jane's Dancing Hands
Jane Sibbett, actress (Friends, . . .)
After a spectacular activation from Abdy, Jane suddenly found her hands “dancing” in ways that have surprisingly begun helping others find peace, alignment, joy. . . what happens when Jane’s hands are dancing defies simple explanation - the phrase is to describe their motion, but not what they do.
10:30 am
Experience Jane's Dancing Hands - continued
Jane Sibbett, actress (Herman’s Head)
Actress, writer, director, photographer, producer, Jane was Heddy Newman on Herman’s Head, & Ross's ex-wife Carol, on Friends. She's produced events & documentaries about spiritually activated groups & individuals. After an activation from Abdy, Sibbett found her hands “dancing” & helping others.
11:00 am
Reaching Higher Consciousness:Medium Michelle&The Power of 10
Spirit Medium Michelle Paisley Reed
Michelle & her husband, Jodah, will describe how they first encountered The Power of 10--Ten wise souls who've moved BEYOND the life & death cycle. Michelle will then go into trance and answer your deepest questions. FREE recordings at:
11:30 am
Utilizing Gemstones for Health, Wealth and Love
Dr. Eve Allen
Join Holistic Health Practitioner, Author & Lecturer Dr. Eve Allen for a deeper investigative journey into the world of gemstones. Learn how they exert their energies and support you in health, wealth and love. Discover the stones that are most effective and learn how to utilize them successfully!
12:00 pm
Afterlife Communication with Loved Ones on the Other Side
Bridget Dempsey, MFS, EPM, QM, P.I. #
Learn about contact with loved ones on the other side through mediumship, and how this contact can have a healing effect in our lives. Learn a short history of seances & mediumship. Afterwards, you can participate in a medium-led Message Circle & receive a message (There is a Fee for Message Circle).
12:30 pm
The Secrets to Attracting Real Love into your Life
Joseph Ernest Martin - Psychic
Do you want to know the secrets to manifesting true love into your life? Would you like to use that energy in business to attract more wealth or friendships to have more friends? Joseph will show you the real shortcuts to manifesting true love energy into your life and how to keep it. Bring a pen
01:00 pm
Using Past Life Regression to Realize your True Potential
G. Haven Young
Advanced Past Life Regression is designed to help individuals to go deeper into their subconscious mind, and into their past lives. This helps individuals to discover any hidden talents, messages intended for them from previous lives that their souls have led.
01:30 pm
How to Talk with Your Pets in Their Own Language
Jane Broccolo
This is about the universal primary language of animals nonhuman and human...the silent way we listened and spoke fluently as babes before our human verbal skills kicked in. It's about talking like an animal, plain & simple. Come prepared to have a full body experience. No barking.
02:00 pm
Awake & Aware, Control Your Life Before Someone Else Does
Michael Bertera, SME, EPM, QM
Have you been subjected to mind control? Many people are just unaware that they have been exposed to and even controlled by mind control in their lives. The media, schools, big business through advertising, government and many other institutions tell us how to think and act daily.
02:30 pm
Introduction to Julius, How Powerful are Your Thoughts?
Kasey & Brad Wallis channel JULIUS
Can you REALLY change something in your life? Are you tired of others telling you you need to just accept your circumstances? What if we told you it is possible and only YOU can make those changes not anyone else. . . would you be willing to do that? Join us for this FREE presentation.
03:00 pm
The Stargate Experience
Shari Carolo & Tera Thorne
Shari and Tera will guide you through a meditation using the Stargate energy. We offer a unique experience to those looking to increase their awareness, evolution, healing and to know your true Quantum self of love, light and happiness.
03:30 pm
Awaken the Soul Star Chakra Meditation
Alex Treglazoff
Come learn about the 8th Chakra-Soul Star, & how to open & awaken this special chakra no matter where you are on your life path. Find out why & how it will help in your everyday life. We'll do a special meditation with chimes & open this area up for you. All levels of growth are encouraged to attend.
4:00 pm
NEW THERAPY Neutralize PTSD Memories in Seconds!
Gary Sinclair - Celebrate Life

International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Medical Peer Review showed 2,200 people with 100% success at neutralizing PTSD memories. Faster and more efficient than Tapping, EFT, EMDR, NLP, CBT FTT and many others. Gary has worked with nearly 4,000. You can learn to do it yourself and become Certified to teach others. Plans in progress for Public Television Station.

Awareness in Consciousness will also be demonstrated to neutralize pain energetically locked in your body for decades in seconds. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia can heal quickly.

DO NOT MISS his next scheduled Restoration and Soul Link training class in this area. After that he is on East Coast. New book Healing Memories in Seconds available.
05:00 pm
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05:30 pm
This Speaker Slot is Available
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Exhibitors who agree to forward our emails, &/or promote the Expo & their talk on Websites, Facebook, Twitter, MeetUp,..., may go to the link below, login or create an account, create a presentation, then email or call 831~239~6835 to request this Speaker Slot, or get assistance.
6:00 pm
Jane's Dancing Hands Circle
Jane Sibbett, actress (Herman’s Head, Friends, . . .)

Jane is most known as an American actress, writer, director, photographer, producer. She was Heddy Newman on the TV series Herman’s Head, and Ross's ex-wife Carol Hillock, on the hit NBC sitcom Friends.

In the last 7 years she has traveled the world continuing to produce live events and documentaries, particularly about spiritually activated groups and individuals. After a spectacular activation in May 2015 from Abdy, a gifted conduit of Source energy, Sibbett suddenly and most recently found her hands “dancing” in ways that have surprisingly begun helping others find peace, alignment, joy, unconditional love, opening up self-healing easily within a great ever-flowing tide of pure Source energy, too. Because that which happens when Jane’s hands automatically begin dancing defies simple explanation – it is not reiki or tapping or anything like anything she or others know — her friends simply coined the phrase "Jane’s Dancing Hands" to describe their motion, but not what they do.

"I went in for followup exam earlier and the ultra sound showed an unusual mass so I had a biopsy done prior to our dancing hands session. The day of our dancing hands session they did another ultra sound to determine exactly where the mass is for a more accurate biopsy to be done. Two days after our session I was called in to do the biopsy and blood work up. The results came back quickly and the cancer free news was a celebration. Both my liver and uterus are healthy“ ~Pulamawai, Oahu, Hawaii

“It is an experience of spiritual energy, connection and love that will make you a believer and improve your life in ways you never even expected.”
~Dana Stevens, Screenwriter City of Angels and City of Angels, Brentwood, CA

$30 advance, $35 at the door.
$35 at the door
$30 before June 11

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Maple Room

All presentations are FREE, except for the Seance,
Michael's Workshop & Kasey and Brad's Workshop
10:00 am
Done Feeling This Way? Find Your What's Next
Heather Needham
Are you sick of feeling this way, or of where you are in life? Heather will provide inspiration, humor, and spiritual tools to help you find what's next for you. At the end she will channel her angels and spirit guides to share messages they have for the group!
10:30 am
Long Distance Healing by John of God with your Photograph
Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon
Are you in search of more finances, better relationships, finding your soulmate, a new job or physical healing? Consider sending your photograph to John of God with three requests for remote healing. I have seen miracles happen this way. My work with John of God in this way changes lives.
11:00 am
Secrets and Power of Staying Ageless with Pure Essential Oils
Tina Jones and Ling Tseng
Learn the ancient secrets of the world’s finest & purest essential oils on the planet. See the patented “seed to seal” process, a heavily researched scientific process that preserves the therapeutic properties of medicinal plants. Learn the "switchboard" gland to stay ageless!
11:30 am
The Power of Sacred Geometry
Margo Brooks
Form is the shape of consciousness. Sacred Geometric forms spell out the language of light/creation that provides the foundation of manifestation. Harness this to raise your consciousness & improve your life physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Learn to use geometric tools for yourself & o
12:00 pm
How Animals Communicate
Stacey Ferrell
Animals use a variety of ways to communicate that are well known & accepted, such as body language, vocalization, & scent. Animals also communicate telepathically. Learn how animals communicate, what they are trying to teach us, & how you are already communicating with them.
12:30 pm
Entity Transfer
Merly Shwetzer
Come join me and learn how entity (spirit) transfers from one person to another. How these transfers happen. What to do in order for the transfer to be avoided. And talk more about what not many talk about, how these entities affect our mind, body and those who are around us.
1:00 pm
Message Circle - Communication with Loved Ones on the Other Side
Bridget Bertera, MFS, EPM, QM P.I. #24285

Do you have questions you want to ask of loved ones who have crossed over? Is there unfinished business, or a need to establish closure with someone on the other side?

Talking to deceased loved ones & spirits with interest in us on the other side can have a healing effect in our lives. Afterlife communication can help you to reclaim your right to live fully while helping the departed spirit go on with its own journey.
$40 at the door
$35 before June 11

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02:00 pm
UFOs Herald the Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher
Jonathan Knudsen
As reports and videos of UFOs grow in number daily and current crises seem to be without solutions, humanity is growing in consciousness. Where are the ideas and the leadership humanity longs for? The World Teacher for this New Age is Maitreya who is here to guide and support us.
02:30 pm
An Introduction to Transmission Meditation
Abbie Blair
Do you want to help the world in this time of crisis and build a stronger connection with your own spiritual nature? This afternoon's program will include an introduction to Transmission meditation -- a path of service to humanity. A hopeful message about humanity's future.
3:00 pm
Awake & Aware, Mind & Society Control
Michael J. Bertera

Being awake and aware allows for personal power to be put back in your hands. This presentation covers the main environmental frequencies in our lives and techniques to deal with those forces and even use them for our benefit on the planet. This workshop will also cover various projects used by government and private industry to observe and monitor the public including the subject of remote viewing. Included in this presentation is an exercise in remote viewing followed by a meditative technique to focus the mind.
$15 at the door
$10 before June 11

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4:00 pm
Campaign against FEAR- Create the Changes in your Life
JULIUS as channeled by Kasey and Brad Wallis

Join Kasey, Brad and "JULIUS" for this incredible interactive course on eliminating FEAR in your life.
Are you experiencing any forms of limitation in your current life? Health, wealth, relationships, abundance....we can show you where this energy comes from and how to eliminate it.

FEAR is the energy of all limitation and we as humans are saturated with this energy every day. No wonder we find things so challenging when we are trying manifest and flow.

Julius will provide applications, focuses, intentions for you to use every day to make Loving changes in your life.

Can you finally have all that you desire? We can show you how by getting to the true ROOT of all limitation.

Climb out of your resistance into the loving flow of all you desire.

There will be a 1 1/2 hour discussion followed by a 30 min. Q and A for the audience. Come participate and bring your questions about fear in your life.

Be profoundly changed by this experience.

Private readings with Julius are available by appointment only.
Please visit the website to get information and schedule your appointment.

2 hour Class
$45.00 early paid admission
$55.00 at the door
$55 at the door
$45 before June 11

Questions? 831-239-6835

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