LA (Glendale)
Sun, Sept 25, 2016
10 am - 6 pm

Onyx Room

All presentations are FREE
except for Gail Thackray's Two Workshops
10:00 am
Harness Your Inner Power
Liza Boubari
Learn how to open your heart and connect in mind and body and loving Inner Spirit. Tap within and navigate through life's challenges as you peel away emotional eating, hurt and pain or stress and anxiety. This is the path where healing begins, where you Evoke-Embrace-Evolve, because YOU MATTER.
10:30 am
Sacred Trips to John of God in Brazil & Long Distance Healing
Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon
Rev Kathleen will share information about sacred journeys to John of God's Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil, & talk about the crystals & jewelry blessed by John of God that she brought back. Consider sending your photograph to John of God with three requests for remote healing, love, finances, career, etc.
11:00 am
Working with Energy Gems & Psychic Protection
Gail Thackray - Medium, Reiki Healer, Psychic, Author

FREE READINGS & HEALINGS for audience volunteers.

Would you like to increase your Intuition, Abundance, Love, & Vitality? Gail shows you how to use energy gems to power up your chakras, strengthen your aura and make you more powerfully connected to your guides. Do you ever feel drained or tired? Have strange ailments? Those of you that are empathic often pick up negative energies from others.

Gail gives you tools to help you cleanse and clear negative energies and protect you from psychic vampires. Then she’ll show you how you can use crystals and gems to draw love, abundance, good health and manifest the life you want to live. This is also a great tool to discover the perfect energy gift for your loved one.
12:00 pm
Psychic Fun and Games Audience Readings
Susan Schueler and Terrie Huberman
Join gifted certified psychic mediums, Susan Schueler & Terrie Huberman for audience readings & psychic fun. These outgoing gals will be playing psychic games, doing blind readings, demonstrating psychometry (reading from an object or a photo), & reading the audience. Bring personal questions to ask.
12:30 pm
Psychic Fun and Games Audience Readings - continued
Susan Schueler and Terrie Huberman
Terrie & Susan are certified psychic mediums with Lisa Williams. Susan is also a member of Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory, as well as Shay Parker's Best American Psychics & The Certified Psychic Directory. These ladies have comedy & teaching backgrounds, so come prepared to laugh & be entertained.
1:00 pm
Past Lives - Understanding Fears, Blocks, Relationships
Gail Thackray - Medium, Healer, Author

General admission $25 prepay/$35 at the door.
VIP incl. individual clearing & seating in front rows - add $25

Many of our fears & blocks that hold us back are hidden in our past lives. Delving into your past lives can release these fears & help you understand some of the things that are stopping you from reaching your full potential. Discover your blocks in your career, finances, relationships & more. Gail will lead you into your past lives & use her psychic senses to discover their meaning.

Gail will perform past life healing & help you to release these issues & heal your past. Discover who you were before but more importantly what talents you can bring forward with you & what fears you can leave behind. Remove blocks from past life trauma & clear problems in your family & relationships. Each person will receive a clearing. VIPs will receive an individual treatment.
$35 at the door
$25 before Sept 24

Questions? 831-239-6835

02:30 pm
Working with Spirit Guides and the Higher Self
Yemanya Carey
Directly from Soul Wisdom Institute, Learns skills and tools on how to hear the wisdom of your guides and higher self to access greater clarity and purpose in your life. Receive a transmission in light language and vocal sound healing to align and open your DNA and light body to hear the messages.
3:00 pm
Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit with Medium Hollister Rand
author of "I’m Not Dead, I’m Different"

* Can relationships continue beyond death?
* Do loved ones see what's going on in my life?
* Can they help with challenges facing me now?

Get answers to these questions from the spirits themselves! Hear how those you love may be reaching out to you. A number of audience members will receive messages from loved ones living in the spirit world. There will be time to ask general questions about Mediumship & what life is like on the other side.

This group event is reading-intensive. There will be time afterwards for some meet-and-greets & book-signings.

Hollister is an author & internationally renowned medium. Known for her extraordinarily detailed work, she provides specific messages from loved ones living in the spirit world.
4:00 pm
Healing & Mediumship Demonstrations
Gail Thackray - Medium, Healer, Author

Gail shares her healing “gifts" she received from John of God in Brazil, & Filipino Psychic Surgeon Ambrosio. She will demonstrate healing on audience volunteers, connecting you directly to the energy of the enlightened beings that work through her.

Gail is a medical intuitive & also a psychic able to pass messages from loved ones on the other-side. She will connect you directly to the energy of the enlightened beings that work through her so you can experience this yourself. Through her powerful group meditation, people report spontaneous healings and life changing experiences.

We will be filming this event for TV, so arrive early, and expect this event to fill up.

**All attendees receive a free small Blessed Crystal**
05:00 pm
Tune & Heal: Evidence-Based European Healing Method
Dr. Barbra Angel (Barbara Romanowska)
Heal yourself with Tune & Heal! Everything has its own vibrational frequency including you. By creating resonance between your own frequency or organ & a specific vibrational tool/sound, you tune yourself into healing frequency, getting immediate feedback as a recovery process. or
5:30 pm
Become a Healing Channel Workshop
Gail Thackray - Author, Medium, Reiki Healer, Psychic

General admission $25 prepay/$35 at the door
VIP- individual attunement & seating in front rows - add $25

You have seen what Gail can do, now she is going to activate you and show you how to perform the things she does.

She will connect you directly to the energy of the enlightened beings that work through her. Each person will receive an attunement to the energy.

For VIPs Gail will give you an individual attunement. Learn how to sense spirits, how to clear chakras and remove energy blocks for yourself and others.

Become more psychic, enhance your intuition and be a stronger channel for healing energies. Gail will be showing you how to use crystals and pendulums and you will be working with John of God crystals from Brazil.

She believes we are all able to do this. Become a Medium and Healer today! Book early, space is limited.
$35 at the door
$25 before Sept 24

Questions? 831-239-6835

Jade Room

All presentations are FREE.
10:00 am
Listening to your Heart...Speak & Audience Readings
Cynthia Makhoul
Cynthia will demonstrate what it is to 'Listen to Your Heart...Speak to you, that assists in getting you 'unstuck' & gain inner clarity for your direction in following your heart. She will also give some mini readings to audience members for clarity as they are presented.
10:30 am
Connecting to Your Spirit Guides & Loved Ones
Debra Hookey
Join me in this truly healing experience from the spirit side of life! Have you ever wondered why certain things have happened to you in your life? Let me show you how your Spirit Guides can help you ! Debra will demonstrate by giving messages from spirit, how her guides have helped her.
11:00 am
Learn to Connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels
We all have the ability to connect to Spirit Guides just by opening our hearts and mind to hear them. We have all experienced this divine energy in some form--a feeling, intuition about something or someone. Be empowered, learn to listen to your Spirit Guides for more joy and love in your life.
11:30 am
Stop Futzing Around!
Jordan Wolan - Hypnotherapist, Healer
Lack confidence? Broke? Lonely? Frustrated? Overwhelmed and burned out? Surrounded by toxic people? Come hang out with a friendly hypnotherapist and find some peace. You may even leave with a breakthrough.
12:00 pm
Ancient Egyptian Secrets to Unleash your Inner Beauty
Joel Gold
Moringa, known as "The Miracle Tree of Life", was known to the ancient Egyptians as a superfood with medicinal & anti-aging benefits. This tree holds the emotions, spirit & special energies transforming cosmic sunlight, completing the process for attaining beauty, youthfulness, & increased libido.
12:30 pm
Improving your Health, Extending your Lifespan & Beyond
Dr. Robert J. Newton/ Eloina Nash
Based on four of Dr. Newton's books, including "The Immortality Prophesy," "In Search of the Body Immortal," "A Map to Healing & Your Essential Divinity Through Theta Consciousness," & "Pathways to God." Dr. Newton will discuss epigenetics (how to change your DNA), living with little food.
01:00 pm
Stem Cell Nutrition For a Healthier Body
Robert Hill
Learn how stem cells can help create or repair virtually every tissue and organ in the body. The current state of research in stem cell therapies will be discussed as well as a nutritional alternative to expensive medical procedures.
01:30 pm
doTerra Essential Oils for Better Living
Kathleen Boyd
Learn how to take charge of your health by using safer, more affordable, more effective natural methods. This class is a fun, hands on event that allows you to experience the power of essential oils. Learn how to be a healer in your own home!
02:00 pm
Psychic-Mediumship, Spirit Messages
David Hamilton Nichols — Divine Blaze®
Get intuitive insights for your life, and receive spirit messages from the Beyond. Psychic-Medium David Hamilton Nichols will give gallery style readings to select members of the audience and lead you through an energetic meditation to touch in with your own soul’s guidance (circumstances allowing).
02:30 pm
Medical Intuition
Spiritual Medium Kirstin Ross
In this interactive group, Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Kirstin Ross will share her personal experience with medical intuition. She will also demonstrate how to tap into and trust the intuitive messages you receive.
3:00 pm
Parallel Lives - Parallel Selves
Terry Brussel

Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you had made different choices at certain most important moments on your personal path?

Terry Brussel, CCHt, discusses the parallel selves who are, even now, living the lives resulting from those different choices.

Guided meditation also enhances psychic & spiritual healing abilities.

Manifest your goals and your JOY into reality!
04:00 pm
Explore a Pain Free Life Purpose, Mediumship & Spirit Guides
Shahin Jedian
Explore areas of persistant pain & suffering & meet your unique spirit guide to get answers to completely release physical & emotional pain & to design your life with purpose. You will also receive my 30 days of home study support along with my "recreate your destiny" meditation CD as a gift.
04:30 pm
Pain Free Life Purpose, Medium-ship, Spirit Guides - continued
Shahin Jedian
As a Kabbalist & Hypnotherapist, Shahin combines powerful tools to help you discover the meaning of your life. He has shared the stage with the producers of Glee, Spiderman & Hugo. In the past 15 years , he has had the opportunity to retrain the California Dept of Mental Health to learn his approach.
05:00 pm
Face to Face ET contact, Path to Heaven
Julliena Okah
Julliena, a world-class solo violinist & painter, had ET contacts in Japan. She tells her unique story with music & art that were brought to her by alien intervention. You'll have new insight into Extraterrestrials. She's author of “One Life, Many Worlds” & “God’s Majesty in Color & Word”.
05:30 pm
Near Death Experiences
Julliena Okah
Julliena Okah has had three near death experiences. Each of them are different, unique, and will fascinate you. She will also explain about the after life, and life before birth. Julliena Okah is a speaker about UFOs and also a fortune teller. She will be doing free personal readings.
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