Sunday, October 30, 2016
10 am - 6 pm

Horizon East Room

All presentations are FREE
10:00 am
Living Life Unlimited
Kristen Clark

Come play with Kristen & Iram and take part in the most healing and life-changing event you have ever experienced!

~ Learn why you create limiting behaviors and how to stop them permanently.
~ Q&A with the Dragon consciousness, Iram
~ Discussion about upcoming predictions for the rest of 2016-2017.
~ So much more

Looking forward to seeing you all there.
11:00 am
Who Were You? Past Life Messages with your Angels & Loved One
Vicki Murphy, BFA
Past Life messages - Explore what you are doing here and why! Loved Ones; what roles did they play in your Soul Plan? Unlock Akashic origins & release energy. Vicki will share a short meditation that she uses. Love, finance, career & health. Connect with your Spirit Guides and move forward!
12:00 pm
IS HELL ON YOUR DOORSTEP? - The 2017 Predictions
with Darshini In Spirit
Hold Onto Your Hollyhocks! - FAST PACED - LECTURE & LESSONS --- (1) 2017 PREDICTIONS- Terrorist activity; U.S. Economy+ Earthquakes, Extreme Weather, etc. - what you may expect to see happen this year - some coming true already! (2) Spot Readings (3) Life Changing Exercise!home/c1hzh
12:30 pm
Journey to the Akashic Records with Bill Foss
Bill Foss
An overview on the life and work of Bill Foss from the new book "Journey to the Akashic Records" Understand the differences & similarities of Akashic work in reference to modern modalities and the interactive energy that connects us all into our Book of Life within the Records and the benefits.
01:00 pm
Learn Psychic Tools to Read, Heal, & Protect Yourself
Vessa Rinehart-Phillips/Joe Gacoscos
Develop your psychic abilities. In this amazing lecture, Vessa & Joe Gascosc will help you bring out the natural psychic ability hidden within by teaching energy tools. Learn to “read,” develop your intuition and clairvoyance to work for you. Joe teaches Clairvoyant I at Intuitive Insights School.
01:30 pm
Working with Crystals for Prosperity, Love & Health
Elivia Melodey
Join recording artist & inspired musician Elivia Melodey for a journey to higher realms. Explore how powerful crystals are for assisting us in these 3 important areas of our lives. Learn which stones are most effective and how to work with them in ways that bring results!
02:00 pm
Developing Psychic Abilities, Seeing Auras, Contacting the Dead
Dr. Robert J. Newton/ Eloina Nash
Everyone has psychic abilities, can see auras & communicate with the departed. With this said, Dr. Newton will show how these things are activated & developed, including using special meditation techniques, sexuality & pyramid & crystal energetics. Please join me for a revealing & fun time!
2:30 pm
Tune & Heal - Healing Concert & Presentation
Dr. Barbra Angel (Barbara Romanowska)

The Healing Concert & short lecture present how to heal with sound frequency in connection with Eastern Medicine (chakras / energy balancing) & musical knowledge based on research & testimonials.

“TUNE&HEAL” method with European Accreditation was created by Dr. Barbra Angel, renowned author & musician / composer / singer / violist & pianist. By frequency demonstration, DNA activation & live healing music, the audience will have profound experiences at the Healing Concert.

Everyone will walk away feeling better, happier, refreshed & relaxed; some will even feel healed by nourishing cells tuned to healthy frequencies related to different organs. This is a great therapy for stress, anxiety, release of muscle tension, & pain relief.
3:30 pm
Live Sound Healing Concert By: The Resonance Code
Mark and Denise of Paradise

Experience a Sacred Journey of Resonant Sound and Vibration. Immerse yourself in the cosmic healing frequencies of Tibetan Singing Bowls, large Paiste Gongs, Nepalese Gongs, and an array of Quartz Crystal Bowls, and Koshi Chimes.

Science and medicine in the western world is finally catching up to what has been known and practiced for thousands of years, that sound heals!

From ancient times, Tibetan Monks in Nepal, Bhutan, and India have embraced the modality of sound and frequency healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls. These and other sacred instruments bring powerful and positive healing effects to the mind, spirit, and the physiology of the body.

We bring to you the opportunity to experience energetic healing, balance, body realignment, and the inner peace that is created in the sharing of our Sacred Instruments!

Both Denise and Mark resonate a refreshing energetic field that they lovingly share with the world! Experience their gifts in concert settings, private sessions, and group healing therapies; all through the authenticity and love that defines the way they live their lives.

We welcome you to a moment of Healing and Inner Peace through the Art of Resonance!
5:00 pm
NEW THERAPY Neutralize PTSD Memories in Seconds!
Gary Sinclair - Celebrate Life

International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Medical Peer Review showed 2,200 people with 100% success at neutralizing PTSD memories. Faster and more efficient than Tapping, EFT, EMDR, NLP, CBT FTT and many others. Gary has worked with nearly 4,000. You can learn to do it yourself and become Certified to teach others. Plans in progress for Public Television Station.

Awareness in Consciousness will also be demonstrated to neutralize pain energetically locked in your body for decades in seconds. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia can heal quickly.

DO NOT MISS his next scheduled Restoration and Soul Link training class in this area. After that he is on East Coast. New book Healing Memories in Seconds available.

The Boardroom

All presentations are FREE.
10:00 am
Listening to your Heart...Speak & Audience Readings
Cynthia Makhoul
Cynthia will demonstrate what it is to 'Listen to Your Heart...Speak to you, that assists in getting you 'unstuck' & gain inner clarity for your direction in following your heart. She will also give some mini readings to audience members for clarity as they are presented.
10:30 am
Divine Messages from Source, Holy Spirit
Dr Ida Greene, PhD
You are here by Divine appointment. Are you working through or confusing your past life experiences with your current life challenges? If you avoid people or situations, they will keep showing up until you get closure with or resolve them. Get clarity on what you need to do to move forward in life.
11:00 am
Free Your Body of Pain and Regain a More Youthful Posture
Daniel Gilbert
Structural Integration(Rolfing)can markedly improve one's posture and even quality of life. After going thru the 10-session series of SI, some increase their height by as much as an inch, or more. Interestingly, many report that their various aches and pains seemed to have vanished.
11:30 am
Connecting to Your Spirit Guides & Loved Ones
Debra Hookey
Join me in this truly healing experience from the spirit side of life! Have you ever wondered why certain things have happened to you in your life? Let me show you how your Spirit Guides can help you ! Debra will demonstrate by giving messages from spirit, how her guides have helped her.
12:00 pm
Stem Cell Nutrition For a Healthier Body
Robert Hill
Learn how stem cells can help create or repair virtually every tissue and organ in the body. The current state of research in stem cell therapies will be discussed as well as a nutritional alternative to expensive medical procedures.
12:30 pm
Energy Work, Reiki, Meditation, LightWave Healing, DNA, Animals
Nadja is a International LightWave healer and Reiki Master, Transformational Breath Teacher, DNA Activator, using advanced healing techniques to awaken the body, mind and soul to reach inner peace and wellbeing. Nadja is offering pet healing (REIKI on ANIMALS), please bring a picture of your pet.
01:00 pm
The Art of Ki Healing and Replenishing Our Vital Energy
Master Seo, Master Kim
Feeling tired or have low energy? Learn how to improve the flow of your vital energy from the Ki Masters. The Masters will lead you through physical movements which stimulate energy flow. They will also provide a free sample Ki treatment during the presentation.
01:30 pm
Intro to Essential Oils
Janelle and Brian Imber
Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.Essential oils can lift the mood, calm the senses, and elicit powerful emotional responses. Yet the use of essential oils goes well beyond their fragrant appeal.
2:30 pm
Using the Akashic Records to Heal & Restore Your True Power
Bill Foss

Have you ever wondered if there was an illness or injury from a past life influencing your current life? Karmas, vows or curses that you may have used to navigate past or current life situations which could influence your everyday life in ways which may be invisible to you?

Gain insights on how to use the Akashic Records & your Book of Life to release, clear & heal events which are karmically creating barriers & invisible obstacles. Feel freedom, peace, joy & inspiration Now! Join Us as we Journey into the Akashic Records to Unlock Your True Power & Greatest Potential!
$25 at the door
$20 before Oct 29

Questions? 831-239-6835

03:30 pm
Sacred Feminine and The Divine Alchemy
Isi Momin
Come to hear and learn about The Divine Alchemy and the Sacred Feminine, about Her return and your possible divine transformation! Follow your heart to your divine enlightenment, find simple but effective ways how to get there through Divine Alchemy, your true potential of becoming a god.
04:00 pm
A Great Spiritual Event is Now Unfolding in the World!
Jacqueline Cochrane
At the beginning of each New Age a great Spiritual Teacher appears to help and guide all of humanity. We are now in that time! Behind human events and what is reported every day by major media, A GREAT SPIRITUAL EVENT IS UNFOLDING.
05:00 pm
Face to Face ET contact, Path to Heaven
Julliena Okah
Julliena, a world-class solo violinist & painter, had ET contacts in Japan. She tells her unique story with music & art that were brought to her by alien intervention. You'll have new insight into Extraterrestrials. She's author of “One Life, Many Worlds” & “God’s Majesty in Color & Word”.
05:30 pm
Near Death Experiences
Julliena Okah
Julliena Okah has had three near death experiences. Each of them are different, unique, and will fascinate you. She will also explain about the after life, and life before birth. Julliena Okah is a speaker about UFOs and also a fortune teller. She will be doing free personal readings.
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