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Sunday, November 20, 2016
10 am - 6 pm

Concord 1

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10:00 am
Listening to your Heart...Speak & Audience Readings
Cynthia Makhoul
Cynthia will demonstrate what it is to 'Listen to Your Heart...Speak to you, that assists in getting you 'unstuck' & gain inner clarity for your direction in following your heart. She will also give some mini readings to audience members for clarity as they are presented.
10:30 am
Sacred Trips to John of God in Brazil & Long Distance Healing
Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon
Rev Kathleen will share information about sacred journeys to John of God's Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil, & talk about the crystals & jewelry blessed by John of God that she brought back. Consider sending your photograph to John of God with three requests for remote healing, love, finances, career, etc.
11:00 am
Affirmations and How they Rewire Your Brain
Micaela Passeri
Learn the secret ingredients to crafting powerful affirmations that reprogram the subconscious mind, dissolving limiting beliefs & installing new positive ones. Use affirmations to create results in your Financial, Relational, Health & Spiritual areas of life.
11:30 am
Connecting to Your Spirit Guides & Loved Ones
Debra Hookey
Join me in this truly healing experience from the spirit side of life! Have you ever wondered why certain things have happened to you in your life? Let me show you how your Spirit Guides can help you ! Debra will demonstrate by giving messages from spirit, how her guides have helped her.
12:00 pm
How Angels Can Change Your Life
Michelle Beber
Learn about angels, archangels, and "angel numbers" from certified angel intuitive, spiritual teacher, archangel life coach, and author, Michelle Beber. Her life dramatically improved when she started working with angels, and she wants to teach you how you can receive the same blessings.
12:30 pm
Psychic-Mediumship, Spirit Messages
David Hamilton Nichols — Divine Blaze®
Get intuitive insights for your life, and receive spirit messages from the Beyond. Psychic-Medium David Hamilton Nichols will give gallery style readings to select members of the audience and lead you through an energetic meditation to touch in with your own soul’s guidance (circumstances allowing).
01:00 pm
Developing Psychic Abilities, Seeing Auras, Contacting the Dead
Dr. Robert J. Newton/ Eloina Nash
Everyone has psychic abilities, can see auras & communicate with the departed. With this said, Dr. Newton will show how these things are activated & developed, including using special meditation techniques, sexuality & pyramid & crystal energetics. Please join me for a revealing & fun time!
01:30 pm
Learn to Connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels
We all have the ability to connect to Spirit Guides just by opening our hearts and mind to hear them. We have all experienced this divine energy in some form--a feeling, intuition about something or someone. Be empowered, learn to listen to your Spirit Guides for more joy and love in your life.
02:00 pm
Medical Intuition
Spiritual Medium Kirstin Ross
In this interactive group, Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Kirstin Ross will share her personal experience with medical intuition. She will also demonstrate how to tap into and trust the intuitive messages you receive.
02:30 pm
The Chakra-Aura Connection & Chakra Readings
Eve SpiritSpeaks, MD
I'd love for you to join me in exploring the richness in meaning that chakras hold for improving our emotions, thoughts, physiological processes, sense of sensuality and spirituality. I'll be doing chakra reading demos on audience volunteers! FB page: Eve SpiritSpeaks,
3:00 pm
A Great Spiritual Event is Now Unfolding!
Speaker: Jacqueline Cochrane

Every 2,000 to 2,500 years, we begin a New Age. At the beginning of each New Age a great Spiritual Teacher appears to help and guide all of humanity.


As the world has reached a critical crossroads…
behind human events and what is reported every day by major media, a great spiritual event is unfolding.

Learn about Maitreya, the Teacher for this Age, and the group of Masters who have entered the everyday world. With Their guidance humanity is being galvanized to create a new civilization in which sharing and justice prevail, the needs of all are met and the Earth’s environment is restored. There will also be time for Q&A.
04:00 pm
Western and Indian Vedic Palmistry & Numerology
Lali Kakar
Understand the forces behind your destiny. Lali has read the palms of famous people such as Martin Luther King III, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue, Dr. John Gray, & Dr. Michael Ondattje. Join Lali to learn the keys to unlock your future success and happiness!
04:30 pm
Your Real Zodiac Sign, & Keys to Success with Vedic Astrology
Dr. Sunit Gupta
Understand the changes coming in 2017. In his exclusive, authentic personal description, Dr Gupta gives details on your Real Zodiac Sign. His gifts have elevated him to a Hollywood celebrity both on the screen, consulting celebrities at Emmy Awards, & private sessions with Reiki Energy healings.
05:00 pm
Face to Face ET contact, Path to Heaven
Julliena Okah
Julliena, a world-class solo violinist & painter, had ET contacts in Japan. She tells her unique story with music & art that were brought to her by alien intervention. You'll have new insight into Extraterrestrials. She's author of “One Life, Many Worlds” & “God’s Majesty in Color & Word”.
05:30 pm
Near Death Experiences
Julliena Okah
Julliena Okah has had three near death experiences. Each of them are different, unique, and will fascinate you. She will also explain about the after life, and life before birth. Julliena Okah is a speaker about UFOs and also a fortune teller. She will be doing free personal readings.

Lindbergh Room

All presentations are FREE.
10:00 am
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10:30 am
Attunement to a Higher Level
Sarita Gupta
Sarita will talk about the dimension we need to tap into for 2017, & take you through a guided meditation to a Parallel universe where everything moves in harmony with love & gratitude, so you can tap into this harmony when in need & vibrate at a higher frequency of energy, & live in harmony.
11:00 am
Energy Work, Reiki, Meditation, LightWave Healing, DNA, Animals
Nadja is a International LightWave healer and Reiki Master, Transformational Breath Teacher, DNA Activator, using advanced healing techniques to awaken the body, mind and soul to reach inner peace and wellbeing. Nadja is offering pet healing (REIKI on ANIMALS), please bring a picture of your pet.
11:30 am
Tarot:Gateway to the Sacred Mysteries
Debra Hall Ph.D (Shekina Devi)
For centuries the Tarot Cards have been used as an Oracle to know what is happening in ones life. However that is not the only usage, the Major Arcana is also a roadmap for spiritual development. Join us as we look at how the archatypes of the Major Arcana play
12:00 pm
Sacred Feminine and The Divine Alchemy
Isi Momin
Come to hear and learn about The Divine Alchemy and the Sacred Feminine, about Her return and your possible divine transformation! Follow your heart to your divine enlightenment, find simple but effective ways how to get there through Divine Alchemy, your true potential of becoming a god.
12:30 pm
Stem Cell Nutrition For a Healthier Body
Robert Hill
Learn how stem cells can help create or repair virtually every tissue and organ in the body. The current state of research in stem cell therapies will be discussed as well as a nutritional alternative to expensive medical procedures.
01:00 pm
The Art of Ki Healing and Replenishing Our Vital Energy
Master Seo, Master Kim
Feeling tired or have low energy? Learn how to improve the flow of your vital energy from the Ki Masters. The Masters will lead you through physical movements which stimulate energy flow. They will also provide a free sample Ki treatment during the presentation.
01:30 pm
Ancient Egyptian Secrets to Unleash your Inner Beauty
Joel Gold
Moringa, known as "The Miracle Tree of Life", was known to the ancient Egyptians as a superfood with medicinal & anti-aging benefits. This tree holds the emotions, spirit & special energies transforming cosmic sunlight, completing the process for attaining beauty, youthfulness, & increased libido.
02:00 pm
SHOWTIME! Become the "Master of YOUR Universe Now"
Gary Stuart
Gary Stuart Author, Speaker, “Master YOUR Universe: How to Direct & Star in your Own Life!” Personal empowerment is the KEY to HARNESS the PAST in the PRESENT for a great FUTURE! Your Life can be a Blockbuster if you take the Lead! Remember, it's YOUR Life and Your Movie! SHOWTIME!
02:30 pm
The Transformation Game, Play to Win at Life
Audrey Newmont, Cht
Everyone loves games. Empowering your life should be as interesting and captivating as playing a game. Audrey shares new rules, innovative tools and clever cheats to win at life. It's time to level up, own your power, gain new energy and make life worth living! Change your thinking, own your game.
3:00 pm
Parallel Lives - Parallel Selves
Terry Brussel

Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you had made different choices at certain most important moments on your personal path?

Terry Brussel, CCHt, discusses the parallel selves who are, even now, living the lives resulting from those different choices.

Guided meditation also enhances psychic & spiritual healing abilities.

Manifest your goals and your JOY into reality!
04:30 pm
Flipping The Wellness Switch
Robin Hoffman-Haack
Learn about Calibr8, a breakthrough nutritional drink mix that unlocks your body’s primary antioxidant production at the genetic level.* Inspired by clinical research & recent advances in Nutrigenomics & Epigenetics, it activates the most potent antioxidant & detoxification enzymes known to science.
5:00 pm
NEW THERAPY Neutralize PTSD Memories in Seconds!
Gary Sinclair - Celebrate Life

International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Medical Peer Review showed 2,200 people with 100% success at neutralizing PTSD memories. Faster and more efficient than Tapping, EFT, EMDR, NLP, CBT FTT and many others. Gary has worked with nearly 4,000. You can learn to do it yourself and become Certified to teach others. Plans in progress for Public Television Station.

Awareness in Consciousness will also be demonstrated to neutralize pain energetically locked in your body for decades in seconds. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia can heal quickly.

DO NOT MISS his next scheduled Restoration and Soul Link training class in this area. After that he is on East Coast. New book Healing Memories in Seconds available.
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