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Sunday, November 20, 2016
10 am - 6 pm

Wealth - Gems, Jewelry, Fashion & Beauty

John of God Crystals and Jewelry
Rev Kathleen L Dixon
Rev. Kathleen was given permission by John of God to purchase & sell John of God crystals & jewelry from the Casa. Each item has been blessed by John of God & carry the sacred energy of the Casa also known as the city of spiritual cures where John of God does his work. Each necklace is an energy shifter and adjusts to your energy. Unique channeled meanings for each necklace are included. You may purchase these items at the John of God Crystal Light Bed Booth.
Intuitive Handmade Crystal Jewelry Empowered with Alchemy & Reiki Energy
Nicole Eatherly
Nicole has a powerful gift; she can hold crystals & know how to use it for the highest good of all involved. Nicole uses this gift to intuitively create her unique, handmade crystal jewelry. Each piece also includes a small card with the information from that crystal. All pieces have been empowered & cleansed with Reiki Energy by Nicole a Reiki Master/Teacher.
Support Your Life, Goals, Relationships & Success with the Right Stones!
Keva Krystals
Stones and Crystals from Madagascar and all over the world! Ethnic Jewelry from Tibet, Nepal and India. Get a free stone recommendation as well as how to use the stones to enhance any aspect of your Life, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Goals and Visions. Explore how the right stones paired with intention can help create awesome shifts in your life and Consciousness. Learn how to setup a Grid with beautiful Crystals and Stones.

Fame, Reputation - Attracting Success

Love You Revolution
Micaela Passeri
Born & raised in Florence Italy, Micaela is an Inspirational Fashion Designer, Speaker, & Author specializing in empowerment clothing & experiential workshops to help those on their soulful journey of self-discovery, self-confidence & self-love. She creates profound shifts in life patterns & has helped hundreds of women love who they are; her most powerful tool, her inspirational clothing line: “Love You Revolution”; her most powerful message “I Love Who I Am”.

Love - Bodywork, Energywork

John of God Crystal Light Bed Therapy
Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon
The crystal bed uses Brazilian clear-cut quartz crystals to generate color & light therapy to cleanse, clear & raise the vibration of your chakras. The John of God Spirit Doctors promise to help anyone who lays under these crystal lights. Healing benefits: calms & re-balances the nervous system; cleanses the physical & spiritual body of negative energies attached to your energy field, & much more.
Energy Work, Reiki, Meditation, LightWave Healing, DNA, Animals
Nadja is a International LightWave healer and Reiki Master, Transformational Breath Teacher, DNA Activator, using advanced healing techniques to awaken the body, mind and soul to reach inner peace and wellbeing. Nadja is offering pet healing (REIKI on ANIMALS), please bring a picture of your pet.


Organic Produce Delivered to your Doorstep
Farm Fresh to You
2nd Generation Organic Farm & Organic Produce Home Delivery Service. By joining our CSA, you connect directly to our farm, Capay Organic, & receive regular deliveries of nutrient rich, mouth watering, organic produce delivered directly to your home or office.

Holistic Health - Vitality, Strength

Moringa Light Energy: The Miracle Tree of Life
Joel Gold
Moringa, known as "The Miracle Tree of Life", was known to the ancient Egyptians as a superfood with medicinal & anti-aging benefits. This tree holds the emotions, spirit & special energies transforming cosmic sunlight, completing the process for attaining beauty, youthfulness, & increased libido. Please visit our booth. We have Gold Seeds (for amazing energy), Gold Leaves (powerhouse of nutrition) Pure Oils, & learn more about our Fountain of Youth Essence.
Health and Wellness With Stem Cell Nutrition
Robert Hill
I am happy to introduce a line of health products from Stem Foods Supplements. Stem Alive uses all natural ingredients in a formula that activates the healing power of your own body, adult stem cells. Stem Liver and Stem Reduce assist this process by cleansing the body of toxins and strengthening the liver and digestive system. All in easy to take capsules.The Skin Care Line helps repair the skin from the outside for a younger look and feel.
Clar8ty - Flipping The Wellness Switch
Robin Hoffman Haack
Clar8ty is proud to announce its flagship product Calibr8. Get ready to enjoy greater vitality, more energy, and better overall health. Calibr8 merges cutting-edge science with the ultimate source of wellness... your own body. Calibr8 contains acclaimed, patented ingredients proven to promote the body’s natural primary antioxidant and detoxification processes. Pure vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free, Calibr8 is a convenient, great tasting powdered drink mix.
doTERRA Essential Oils
Priscilla Messmer & Susie Owens
We at doTERRA are committed to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of Therapeutic-Grade Essential oils with the world. Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants.
Beyond the Mists of Time Publishing
Dr. Robert J. Newton/ Eloina Nash
Dr. Newton is a Dr. of Natural Medicine, a recognized expert in the fields of holistic health, life extension & immortalizing a human body. He also is acknowledged for his expertise in sustainable living and exopolitics. He has seven published books regarding these & other subjects/ a theta consciousness healing & reprogramming healer, life & success coach, marital/relationship counselor/motivational speaker/corporate efficiency expert.
Ki Masters - Ki Energy Treatments
Master Seo, Master Kim
Experience the power of these two Ki masters with over 20 years of experience. Ki/chi or qi is our original life force. When our ki is blocked or stagnate, we may experience fatigue or other discomfort. By pressing different accupressure points along the body and using a natural breathing technique, Ki Masters improve the flow of energy, enhancing our vitality and making us feel bright and peaceful again.
Neutralizing PTSD Memories in Seconds
Gary Sinclair - Celebrate Life
FREE!. . . STOP & Neutralize A Negative Memory In 20 SECONDS! Faster and more effective on PTSD than Tapping, EFT, EMDR, CBT, FTT, & NLP. Medical Peer Review by Int. Jour. Comp. and Alt. Med. with 2,200 people at 100% SUCCESS! Consider Certification Training to help others neutralize memories in seconds. Change your life in two days with RESTORATION & SOUL LINK CLASS™ PBS Television soon
Alexandra Hernandez

Creativity - Visionary Art & Music

Wisdom - Spiritual Counselors

Psychic Medium - Life Changing Readings
Debra Hookey
Debra Hookey is a Nationally Known Professional Psychic Medium, Radio Show Personality, and Spiritual Teacher who has become a highly respected psychic medium known for her amazing abilities, to communicate with loved ones from the other side. Debra works with her team of powerful guides to convey messages to clarify issues in your life. Debra has given thousands of readings over the past twenty years.
Multi-Dimensional, Self-Empowerment Catalyst, Healer, Medium
Cynthia Makhoul Starr
Cynthia instantaneously 'receives" what is presented and 'reads' what is there for you. She works with and partners with the Multi-Dimensional realms and moves quickly and efficiently in clarifying issues, concerns, resulting in moving towards your next steps in life. Has over 30 years' experience in listening to others' Heart Speak to her. Cynthia is Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairvoyant and Empath.
Clairvoyant Medium, Speaker, and Author
Dr. Christian von Lahr Msc.D
Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker in 25 Countries, Internationally renown Clairvoyant Medium and Clairvoyant Medical Intuitive, Metaphysical Healer, Pet Psychic Communicator, in demand Expert Guest on National Television and Radio and star of the television series "Messenger."
Psychic-Medium and Healer — Readings & Energy to Transform Your Life
David Hamilton Nichols — Divine Blaze® LLC
David is a Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Healer. Working both consciously and in altered states of higher consciousness, he gives public events and private sessions in many cities through California and Hawaii. He uses his Intuitive, Psychic, and Mediumistic Gifts and Healing Energies to help people both individually and in groups. He recently gave a hospital workshop. David’s work brings peace and clarity to help facilitate positive change. See testimonials.
Channel, Medium
Christine is a channeler, medium. She enjoys helping others find their connection to the Source, the All That Is. All humans are part of Universal Source and all can connect with their spirit guides/angels, ascended masters, star beings, etc. She has been co-leader in spiritual sessions held at various sacred sites in the NM area. Her travels to India, Nepal and Tibet expanded her connections with Spirit.
Sacred Feminine and The Divine Alchemy
Isi Momin
Sacred Feminine and The Divine Alchemy is about spiritual science, growth, transfiguration and divine knowledge, with offer to clients and students Divine Alchemy readings, special books for further personal private research and wonderful card decks and jewelry, for enriching spiritual life and growth. Have you ever considered that the human being is so much more than we know and our paths can lead us to unbelievable places, physically and spiritually!
Clarivoyant, Medium, Pet Psychic, Tarot, Palmist
Shelley Hofberg
Shelley has been exploring the world of Metaphysics, Psychic Exploration & Healing for 27 years. She is gifted in the areas of Clairvoyance, Clarisentient, Tarot, Auras Tea leaves, Crystal ball, Tarot, Mediumship, Dream interpretation, Past life recall, Pet Communication, Crystal Healing, Chakra healing & balancing. She does not ask for the details about your life, but primarily relies on her gift of clairvoyance & the wisdom of the Tarot.
Spiritual Medium and Intuitive
Kirstin Ross
Kirstin is a natural-born medium and intuitive. She sees, hears and feels Spirit. As a medium, she delivers messages from your loved ones in Spirit, including animals. She also does intuitive readings, in which she connects with her guides to deliver specific information to you regarding your life path and purpose. In addition, Kirstin has a keen sense of medical intuition.
Shekina Bliss: Mystical Life Readings
Debra Hall Ph.D (Shekina Devi)
Debra works with the Tarot and her psychic abilities to give you a clear concise idea of your Mystical Journey and path. That can include info on relationships, health, finance and more. She also practices Soul Memory Discovery/Shamanic Clearing to move one past blockages in ones auric field keeping you from your Divine Purpose. She coaches people to live a life of magic, joy and LOVE!
Hidden Messages, Secrets and Clouded Vision are revealed with Tarot
I'm a Soul not a Body, Tarot Readings by Kali Sunshines
Kali Sunshines is an experience Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Numerologist. She is dedicated to unlocking the secrets within you. She uses the Tarot as a way to connect with your vibrational frequencies that are being communicated by your subconscious. Kali is passionate about helping you understand your life's purpose or your situation in question. Natal chart readings requires - *Date *Time of Birth on birth certificate if possible *Location
How Angels Can Change Your Life
Michelle Beber
Learn about angels, archangels, and a form of angelic communication known as "angel numbers" from certified angel intuitive, spiritual teacher, archangel life coach, and author, Michelle Beber. She has trained with Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue, renowned Hay House authors and speakers. Michelle's life dramatically improved when she began working with angels, and she wants to teach you how you can receive the same blessings.
Indian Vedic Palm Readings & Numerology
Lali Kakar
Lali is a medium, speaker, & workshop leader. He has read for many famous personalities such as Dr. John Gray, Martin Luther King Jr. III , Marianne Williamson, Loretta Swit, Marci Shimoff, Michael Ondattje, & others. He combines the Vedic sciences of palm reading & numerology with his extraordinary psychic gifts.
A to Z Holistic Center
Dr. Sunit Gupta
Dr. Gupta a Holistic Dr./Healer/Spiritualist/Vedic Astrologer/Palmist draws upon his knowledge of Healing, Spiritual Sciences & Ayurveda with his clairvoyant/clairaudient/clairsentient gifts to guide you through your personal situations; relationships, finances,luck, love & more. In his exclusive, authentic personal one on one connection, Dr Gupta guides you by tapping into the vedic ackashic records to guide you, with his outstanding record of predictions.
Psychiatrist-Turned-Psychic Soul Healer....Intuitive Counselor & Reader
Eve SpiritSpeaks, MD
Dr. Eve earned her Medical Doctorate at UCLA School of Medicine. A psychiatrist and family practitioner, she has since expanded her wisdom beyond the traditional realm. Dr. Eve aims to enlighten, instill hope, and empower you to more deeply connect to your source of energy and love so that you can better navigate through life obstacles. Dr. Eve is certified in Chakra Energy Healing; Doreen Virtue Angel Card and Akashic Record readings. FB Page: Eve SpiritSpeaks

Career - Life Path & Purpose

Success Center, Inc - Raise Income; Lose Weight; Relax; Rejuvenate!
Terry Brussel
Reach your Highest Potential Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually & Financially. The 7 Keys to Self Actualization is a dynamic process using self hypnosis & Life/Business coaching within a customized framework(a written Road Map for getting from where you are to where you want to be in every area of your life). This facilitates challenge resolution, expansion of personal boundaries and creation of new skills. Relax and Succeed!
Using Astrology to Understand & Clear Unconscious Patterns
Dean Price
In the 70's, Dean developed the astrological keyword system that formed the basis of the best-selling astrological workbook 'Astrology for Yourself' by Douglas Bloch. He discovered that chakras perfectly mirror the function of the planets - following their same physical order & meaning - & created Spirit Touch, a hands-on method to clear & re-program unconscious astrological stress points & karmic patterns.
Share International
Olivia Allen
Get to Know Your World Teacher, Maitreya- Every 2000 years we are sent a teacher to help humanity with the next great expansion of consciousness. Come and hear about some simple solutions to our most vexing problems, and take heart at the tremendous help that Maitreya, The Masters of Wisdom, and our Space Brothers are here to offer us, ours for the asking.

Travel - Gifts from around the World

Journey to John of God with Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon
Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon
The trip to John of God is about you, your personal journey and your connection to the John of God and the Entities of Light. John of God is considered by many to be the most prolific healer in the last 2,000 years. John of God allows "spirit doctors" to take over his body three times a week to miraculously treat thousands of people who come from all over the world for healing. In his 60+ years of healing service he has treated an estimated 15 million people.
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