Discover What You Need To Know About Being A Vendor At Our Carlsbad Events
What You Will Learn From This Page:
 Event Times
Set Up: 8 -10 am
Open to Public: 10 am - 6 pm
Break Down: 6 - 8 pm

Please remember to eat. The hotel has a restaurant, but if you're really busy, you might prefer to bring your own food.
Carlsbad Holiday Inn
2725 Palomar Airport Road
Carlsbad, CA 92009
 Park & Load
There is FREE Parking in the hotel parking lot.

 Park on the left side of the building where you see other vehicles unloading through the open door, or around the back for Booths #24 - 36.
Purchase a Booth
 Booths are 30% off until March 7.

6'x5' Booth - Reg. $175, now: $125
6'x8' Booth - Reg. $230, now: $160
8'x8' Booth - Reg. $275, now: $195
10'x8' Booth - Reg. $320, now: $225
12'x8' Booth - Reg. $400, now: $280
Corners  - Reg. +$30, now: +$20

Go to this link to purchase online:

Center Booths (#18-23) have Rear Pipe & Drape.
For Wall Booths, please request in advance.
We Provide
  •  2 or 3 chairs depending on your booth size
  •  FREE electricity
  • Appointment sheets if requested 
  •  Price signs for practitioners if requested
You Bring
  •  If you bought a 5'x6' or a 6'x8' practitioner booth, please bring a table (2' x 4' or 3' x 3' fit well) & a tablecloth
  • Brochures & business cards
  •  Pens & mailing list forms
  •  Timer (practitioners)
  •  Large signs, with easel, rack, hooks, or bungee cords
  •  (please do not use nails, tacks, duck tape or other means of attaching signs that may cause damage to walls)

  • Email Dean Price, Producer & Sales Director
    at with
    3 or 4 booth choices from the large version of the floor plan at the bottom of this page. 
  • Your name will be on your booth in the morning. Just walk in, find it, and start setting up. You can ask for help at the registration table.
 Important Links
Create your vendor and speaker listings.

Please remember to invite your friends to the Facebook event page.

You can link to our official Carlsbad Event Web Page in your promotional emails.

Booths are 30% off until March 7.
Questions? Call Dean Price,
Producer of New Earth Events

Office Hours
Monday - Saturday     10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Dean 831-239-6835

 Cooperative Marketing
  •  You get extra promotion before the expo (emails, Facebook, Instagram and/or promo videos)
  •  Your existing network gets notified and has the opportunity to show you off to all their friends
  •  By doing this, you're telling the universe to bring people to you, and that should result in good things, especially if you ask your angels/guides/deities to bring all the right people to you that you are uniquely suited to help
How to Qualify
  •  Invite Your Facebook Friends to the Facebook Event Page.
  •  Add Dean to your mailing list, and send a promo email about the expo out to your list.
  •  There are more detailed instructions below. If you need any help, please call Dean at 831-239-6835.
How to Invite Your Friends on Facebook
How to Send an Email to Your Mailing List.
  •  Sign up for an email management system like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Benchmark Email, ect... (we use ActiveCampaign)
  •  Add Dean Price to your mailing list
  •  Create a new email
  •  List the name of the event, date, time, address
  •  Link to our EventBrite Page (link is in your booth confirmation email
  •  Link to the Facebook Event Page and ask recipients to RSVP on the Facebook event page
  •  Lastly, reply to this email or message us on Facebook that you finished sending out an email
 Exhibitor & Speaker Descriptions
If you bought your booth online, did you submit your exhibitor and/or speaker info?
If you entered your exhibitor info on the checkout page when you bought your booth, then all is well. Please allow at least 3 days for us to get your info up on the event page. If it has been more than 3 days, please call Dean @ 831-239-6835, and give him a friendly reminder.
If you haven't submitted your EXHIBITOR info, or you wish to update your info, please Click this link to create your Exhibitor and Speaker listings:
  •  Your exhibitor headline
  •  Your name as you wish it to appear
  •  Your exhibitor description
  •  Square photo of your face or best selling product
  •  Website link
  •   Email Dean to let him know it's complete:
For your SPEAKER info, or you wish to update your info, be sure to include the following:
  •  Your speaker headline
  •  Your name as you wish it to appear
  •  Your speaker description
  •  Square photo of your face
  •  Website link
  •  Your preferred time to speak (give us a 2-hour range)
  •  Email Dean:
  •  Then call Dean, and let him know that you emailed him.
Would you like to Speak? Get Your FREE 30-Minute Speaker Slot (while they last) When You Email Your Mailing-list about the event & invite all your friends to the Facebook event page.
If you would like to be a speaker, but you don't feel like promoting, you can buy a 30-minute speaker slot for $50.
Exhibitors who agree to promote the event, including inviting friends to our Facebook event page, receive a 30 minute speaker slot at no charge. If you prefer not to promote, you can purchase a 30 minute time slot for $50. If you're willing to do the promotion, or pay for your slot, please send us a title for your talk and description as well.

If you submitted your exhibitor and/or speaker info on the booth order form, you should see yourself up on the event page within a few days. If you have any questions, please call Dean @ 831-239-6835. If you would like to update your photo, please email it to Then call Dean, and let him know that you sent it.

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you're a practitioner, a good picture of your face (dressed up + good vibes) can help you attract your ideal customers. If you're selling products, sometimes a picture of your best selling product is best. If you're a speaker, we recommend a picture of your face. Taking photos can be really fun! Try going to a shady green place like a park or a botanical garden. Bring a friend who makes you feel comfortable, and get them to take some pictures with a cell phone. Send it to us. We'll crop it, and put it up on the website.
 Prize Donations
Get Free Extra Promotion by Contributing a Prize to the Prize Wheel 
In order to increase attendee interaction with vendors, increase product awareness, and build trust and happy feelings between vendors and attendees, we're experimenting with a new way of doing the raffle. This should translate into more potential customers coming to your booth, getting to know you, and becoming aware of what you do and what you sell.

Your donation to the raffle can be merchandise, a mini-reading, mini-healing, or a full session. It's up to you! If you need help coming up with a prize, we're here to help you.

Please call Dean at 831-239-6835 if you have any questions.

If you participated in a raffle at a previous event, we will assume you are offering the same prize, and list it on the event webpage. Please email if you would like to add a new raffle prize, change an existing one, or discontinue participating in the raffle. Please include the words "Prize Donation" in the subject line of your email, and if your raffle prize is new or changing, include the following in your email:
  •  a square picture of the product or a square picture of your face if you're a practitioner
  •  title of your prize donation
  •  description
  •  date and city of expo to which the donation applies (you must have a booth in that expo to qualify)
Floorplan for Carlsbad Expo
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