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Mother's Day Gifts & Specials + New Earth Events

Hello Sacred Spirit Beings!  Over the last few years, we experienced a lot of changes both internal & external. Stuff shifted around a lot. Negative emotions came to the surface for healing as we walked forward into the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. Here you'll find our Mother's Day Gifts & Specials, plus upcoming New Earth Events to help you on your sacred journey of transformation & growth. The thumbnail on the video is an un-retouched photo taken at a recent Sedona Vortex Experience, where Kachina Woman, a Mother Earth Spirit, appears to watch over us with her Goddess Eye as we enter the Healing Cave! Happy Mother's Day & thanks for all the Gifts from Mother Earth, & Mothers everywhere.

Sat, May 8: Sacramento Tea Party & Class

Drink tea & eat sandwiches & desserts. Learn about the history, health benefits & types of tea. Plus, learn tea leaf reading basics. Only 5 Tickets left!

50% Off Astrology Reading by Phone, Zoom or in Vortex

Dean created the keyword system for the #1 Astrology book on Oprah's list. Readings done from a Sedona Vortex. "You were the highlight of my Sedona experience" - M.T.

FREE Fountain of Youth Masterclass

Watch the video to discover the secrets of longevity and how to  advance your health and happiness to the next level.

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Session

FREE Masterclass To Bring You Abundance in Wealth, Health & Love. Marisa Peer Has Helped Olympians, CEOs & Others Live Their Best Lives.

FREE This Week: Teachings of Ram Dass

Profound essential teachings from Ram Dass. Each session is a short meditation on a different aspect of universal consciousness and connection.

Wellness Pendants for Grounding & Flow

Embedded with Frequencies that Resonate with your Biofield, it's extremely affordable, works for >30 yrs. To see amazing testimonials, & how it changes the aura, click link: